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Join us at the Louhelen Baha'i School, Retreat, and Conference Center.

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CoronaVirus Update

To our friends and interested guests and visitors, we are suspending all programs at the permanent Baha’i Schools at this time until the end of May in light of the pandemic COVID-19. Programs scheduled for the summer (after May) will continue to be posted to allow reservations once registration is opened. Please check back from time to time to learn about updates on any changes to the temporary suspension or for future program status on this website.

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Beauty, diversity, and a welcoming physical and spiritual environment—Louhelen guests attest to the spiritual development and encouragement they take away from time spent visiting, learning, and serving on campus.

Check Out Our New Website

The new website we created includes program listings for all three permanent locations, Bosch, Green Acre, and Louhelen, as well as for the seasonal school events held throughout the United States. Registration links are posted for open programs.