October 9-12

`Irfán Colloquium:


`Irfán Colloquium aims at promoting deeper and systematic studies in the scriptures of the world's religions from the Bahá'í perspective, as well as verities, fundamental principles of the belief system, and the sacred writings of the Bahá'í Faith. The `Irfán Colloquium's program also includes presentations on the interface between the Bahá’í Faith and various religious traditions, and schools of thought as well as Bazm-i-Irfán for musical performances. Participating at the ‘Irfán Colloquium provides an opportunity for dialogue, networking and team-building among those engaged in Bahá’í studies. It is also a unique occasion for all those attending these gatherings to meet and associate with researchers and scholars and benefit from their presentations. Those attending the `Irfán Colloquium will receive a gift set of the `Irfán publications. Presentation of research papers on topics related to the aims and objectives of the 'Irfán Colloquium is welcome. A program for children and junior youth is included.

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October 17 – 19

Junior Youth Fall Weekend

Coordinated by Louhelen

Join other junior youth for a weekend of learning and fellowship exploring your contribution to the transformation of society. Through interactive study, discussions, role playing and the arts, reflection, fellowship, and activities aimed to encourage independent thinking, this weekend is intended to offer spiritual empowerment and support your efforts in engaging in the community around you. Bring a friend! 
This program is for Junior Youth ages 12-14.
Limited scholarships are available.

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October 23 – 26

BNASAA Conference: “Confronting and Facing our Challenging Issues”

The stated purpose of Bahá’í Network on Aids, Sexuality, Addictions and Abuse (BNASAA) is to explore Bahá’í principles and concepts related to AIDS, human sexuality, addictions, abuse and other challenging personal issues, and to consider questions and concerns that arise in the application of these principles to Bahá’í community development. The committee is appointed by and under the guidance of the National Spiritual Assembly of Canada. This year’s conference will focus on ways we can acknowledge and address difficult issues that we deal with in developing a spiritual response to the challenges we face.

The Network’s goal is to provide a loving and supportive environment in which participants can share experiences in an atmosphere of confidentiality and provide support for each individual’s healing and spiritual journey. Each participant, whether health professionals, members of Bahá’í Institutions, or individuals struggling with particular issues, is asked to manifest an attitude of loving support, and to actively participate in creating a non-judgmental and healing environment. Because the structure of this conference is different from other weekend conferences, participants are asked to attend the full conference. We ask that you arrive in time for dinner on the Thursday evening if possible, or at the very latest in time for the 9 am Friday morning session and stay through lunch on Sunday. Any variation from this level of participation must be approved in advance by the conference planning committee.

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November 7-9

A Ray of Infinite Love: Preparing for Marriage

With Hoda Kemp and Holiday Reinhorn

This highly interactive course is designed for both single individuals and unmarried couples. It provides an environment for exploring self-knowledge, the principles and practice of consultation, how to create a happy marriage, and the spiritual purposes of marriage and family life. The teachings of the Baha’i Faith will be used to guide us on this journey. Baha’is believe that world unity cannot be attained unless we establish a sense of unity in both our marriages, and personal lives. If you are single and open to a relationship, in a relationship, or on your way to taking the vow... this workshop is for you! We can never be equipped with too many tools or too much knowledge when going into a partnership, let alone the most important partnership of our lives. So come join us as we go deeply into ourselves, and explore what it takes to build, maintain, and enjoy the fruits of a blissful and happy marriage!

Please note that child care is not available for this workshop.

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November 14-16

Creating a New Mind

With Fariba Aghdasi

During recent years, considerable guidance has come from the Universal House of Justice that illuminates our way as the Bahá'í community learns more about effective methods of social action and contributing to the prevalent discourses of the society. In this session we will study this guidance and in its light examine our response both to the needs of the society and the opportunities created by the current set of Plans. The Bahá'í community, in its pursuit of community building and in its development of a spiritual program for the empowerment of youth and junior youth is creating a system from which will emerge a new state of mind for individuals, and a new structure for human society. Within this structure we can create a balance between our families, our careers, and our service to the Cause and to the world of humanity. We will explore real examples of such a dynamic coherence that will light up our path forward. A program for ages 4 and up is included.
A limited number of scholarships are available.

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