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What to Bring

We kindly ask that Louhelen guests follow these guidelines about what to bring during your stay.

Study materials:

  • prayer books
  • notebooks
  • pens and pencils

Other helpful items:

  • hiking shoes
  • jackets or sweaters
  • musical instruments
  • camera
  • extra cash for the bookstore café
  • insect repellent
  • a small fan for your room (if desired)

What NOT to bring to Louhelen: 

Please do not bring radios and other electronic entertainment.


We invite you to help foster the uniquely spiritual environment of the School by upholding high standards of dignity, modesty, and moderation in your choice of clothing. Standards of dress vary from culture to culture, and what is acceptable in one place may be very disturbing in another.

As the school welcomes people from all backgrounds, we have learned that pants, jeans, dresses, longer styles of shorts, and tops that fully cover the torso are both comfortable and acceptable to all in this school setting. Please refrain from clothing styles (short shorts or skirts, tank tops, tops with narrow straps, etc.) that depart from these general guidelines.