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Louhelen Baha'i Center of Learning is in a mode of learning how to develop the human resources to participate in the discourses of society.  Additionally, a parallel line of action is to support the local & regional Institute process.

If the thought of doing your part to advance this mission appeals to you we would welcome the opportunity to get to know you and the skills and experience you might bring to our work.

Louhelen Baha'i Center of Learning is under the auspices of the of the Baha'i National Organization. To apply for one of these positions please submit a cover letter and a resume to

Facilities Coordinator

The Facilities Coordinator plays a key role in ensuring the year-round maintenance and enhancement of Louhelen's facilities and grounds. Their dedication extends to continuous improvement to provide a safe and well-maintained environment. With meticulous attention to detail, the Facilities Coordinator contributes to creating a setting that aligns with the uplifting atmosphere of the School. Through their commitment to maintaining the premises, they play a crucial part in fostering an environment that promotes not only physical well-being but also contributes to the overall positive and harmonious experience for everyone for all visitors of the Louhelen campus.

Food Services Associate

This role ensures nutritious and delightful meals for events and guests, overseeing kitchen staff and volunteers, and maintaining dining areas. The Food Service Associate focuses on cleanliness, quality, and presentation, contributing to the positive atmosphere of Louhelen's events.

Office/Programs Assistant

Responsibilities include participating in school meetings and events, collaborating with staff for smooth operations, and assisting the Operations Manager and Program Director with the tasks and responsibilities of their respective departments.

Baha'i National Organization

Bahá’ís everywhere are engaged in rebuilding the world to a new design -- beginning, neighborhood by neighborhood, with a new kind of community life that welcomes, includes, honors, and respects all.

We want our national organization to reflect in every way our unshakeable commitment to the pursuit of this vision.

Log into and go to Service Opportunities for more info.

Facilities Assistant

 Whether assisting with routine maintenance tasks or aiding in improvement projects, the Facilities Assistant ensures that the premises reflect the commitment to providing a conducive space for guests of the Louhelen campus. Through their efforts, they contribute to the overall harmony and positive ambiance of the School, making certain that the facilities are not just functional but also contribute to the well-being and flourishing atmosphere of the educational environment.

Food Services Assistant (Summer)

The Food Services Assistant supports the Food Service Associate in providing wholesome meals for events, guiding the kitchen team, maintaining dining areas, and fostering a collaborative work environment, contributing to Louhelen's welcoming atmosphere.

Hospitality/Kitchen Helper (Summer)

The Hospitality and Kitchen helper receives Louhelen guests cordially with warmth and friendliness and by helping to maintain a clean, beautiful, and welcoming environment whether in the Food Services department, preparing food or in Hospitality, cleaning and preparing  spaces across the campus.

The Louhelen Baha'i Center of Learning is under the auspices of the Baha'i National Organization. To apply for one of these positions please submit a cover letter and a resume to

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